Raven Tsoi

PPAC 2018 Top 10 International Photographers Series – Raven Tsoi 

Strives for a breakthrough every year, and meanwhile surpasses himself every year!

Raven Tsoi IS from Hong Kong. He was awarded one of PPAC(INT) Top 10 International photographers 2017 & 2018 for two consecutive years.

His award acceptance speech and future plans: “First, congratulations to all awarded photographers and grateful to PPAC(Professional Photographer Asia Community) for providing such a platform that promotes professional photography and allows photographers to learn and exchange skills with each other. Through its international competitions and judges' extensive comments, not only can the participants upgrade their skills, but also broaden their horizons, from which their artwork can be seen by the world as well! Further, I wish to express my sincere thanks to Raven Tsoi Photography teammates because I would not be able to complete all this only by my own. Thanks my teammates for giving all your efforts despite all the hardness we have been through. I also wish to thank my family, clients and fans for your continuous support, which is always being my motivation on this photography path!

I will always keep the faith that pushes me to go forward all the time. Apart from photography, I will try to get myself into different fields in hopes of having more inspiration. In addition, I hope to squeeze more time to conduct my personal workshop that can share more of my creation and photography experience and interacting with various photographers.” 

Raven Tsoi majored in Architecture(BA. arch.) at university and founded Raven Tsoi Photography in 2011 as a Creative Director. He merges creativity and arts into Wedding photography, turning wedding photos to an artwork that everyone can be part of it. Raven was awarded one of PPAC(INT) Top 10 International photographers 2017 & 2018 and was voted to be one of Hong Kong Top 10 Wedding Photographers 2017 from the Wedding Magazine Awards. He was also achieved over 50 awards in various global photography competitions.

He was invited as one of the guest speakers at photography lectures organized by Sony Hong Kong, Tamron(HK), PPAC(INT) and AsiaWPA(INT),  an international Pro Team Member of Phottix(INT) Professional Photography Accessories, and one of the sponsored photographers by Rime Lite(Korea) and Rogue(US). He has been a wedding/pre-wedding photographer for many Hong Kong celebrities.